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Himmelbyens facade with stairs

Ørestad South


An ultra-urbanization project in Ørestad

Himmelbyen is a unique architectural marvel that combines the functionality of a city and provides a fresh residential space at a towering height of 6 floors in Ørestad South. Occupying a massive area of 26,000 m2, Himmelbyen has become an integral and dynamic part of the new building landscape in Ørestad. It is a living, breathing entity that caters to the daily requirements of the residents in Ørestad.

Himmelbyen contains several functions: Four floors for commercial purposes, grocery stores, and an entertainment center for families and children, above which are floors for self-storage and on top of that, 128 apartments of varying sizes.

Himmelbyen fællesareal
Himmelbyen fællesareal med udsigt
Ørestad South
26.000 m²
Himmelbyens facade med trappe
Himmelbyens facade med trappe

Collective functionalism

We have utilized the building site in height and stacked the city’s various functions, which are distributed over a total of 11 floors.

Despite its considerable size, Himmelbyen will be an active and bustling part of the city, with its commercial spaces on the lower floors opening up towards the street and attracting people to come and go.

Himmelbyens facade