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Hempel trappe set nedefra

Kgs. Lyngby


Next to the vast forests of the Eremitage plain lies a striking new corporate headquarters in an area characterized by very beautiful nature.

The plot itself and the surrounding areas are also characterized by large areas of deciduous tree vegetation.

Hempel trappeareal
Hempel trappeareal
Kgs. Lyngby
5.000 m2

When a bucket of paint is mixed, a so-called vortex spiral is created. It becomes particularly visible when two colors are mixed. Centrifugal force is a fictitious force that affects a rotating body and seeks to pull the body away from the center. Centrifugal force and the vortex spiral are the two concepts that have inspired us in the design of this project.

The spiral becomes a central element in the building, a focal point for the entire construction of the office building. Symbolically, this spiral affects the rest of the building’s construction and gives the building its dynamism and shape. The spiral is physically expressed as a sculpturally designed staircase located centrally in the building.

The staircase appears as a power center that, with its rotating movement, “creates” the central atrium, which functions as the heart of the building. In contrast to the building’s internal organic forms and the area’s vegetation, the building is designed as a precisely rectangular volume made of light materials. The contrast adds tension and an architectural experience to the building, where the organic reinforces the precise and sharp-edged, and vice versa.

Himmelbyens facade