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Helheden visualisering



Stronger connection between Aarhus and Gellerupparken

Helheden is an area between the characteristic blocks of flats of the Gellerupparken estate and the ring road Åby Ringvej in Aarhus.

Sweco Architects has prepared a master plan for the development of the area based on the vision of creating a stronger interconnection between the city of Aarhus and the large Gellerupparken estate.

Realised, 2017
A. Enggaard
55.600 m2
Master plan, vision for the development of the area Helheden, development principles for the development of the neighborhood, illustration plan, process facilitation

The basis for a functional district

Our proposal for developing Helheden takes as its starting point the existing destinations and interconnections found in and around this Aarhus district, and which Helheden’s unique position can help to strengthen. The area can thus facilitate a natural flow of people, and draw life in through the new neighbourhood.

The interconnections and life in these areas can create the foundation for a well-functioning urban district, and for a strong transition between Gellerupparken and Aarhus. The interconnections crisscrossing the area are therefore key to the layout, and they will define where the individual buildings will be placed. Therefore, the building zones will be sited between these interconnections, filling out the intervening spaces.

Therefore, the building zones do not necessarily follow the footprints of the planned buildings, but are flexible units that can be varied on the basis of specific development principles in support of the role of the interconnections in creating urban life. This approach makes the area more robust in relation to future development – including that which has still not been decided. In addition to the interconnections, the development principles cover roads, squares, building zones, plantings and open areas, rainwater, use and parking.

Together with the other development principles, it has been important to mix the area’s functions, turning Helheden into an inclusive area for many different user groups – not just for those who live in or near Helheden. The area therefore comprises a mix of housing types, retail outlets and commercial development.