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Gødvad Enge tage


Gødvad Enge

A new residential area with a focus on nature and water balance

Gødvad Enge is the first project in a new district in Silkeborg that focuses on water balance as an overall theme. The district is aimed at a broad group of people – both singles and families – who want to live in surrounded by nature and spaces for interaction with the other residents.

Gødvad Enge ved åen
Gødvad Enge tage
AB Silkeborg
2.800 m²

DGNB certification and Silkeborg Municipality’s sustainability tool

The central space in the building is a passage with a rainwater playground and public path access, so that rainwater is handled visibly and recreationally to the benefit of the entire new district. The homes are low-energy homes organized in 13 simple semi-detached houses. Each semi-detached house contains a 1-storey dwelling and a 2-storey dwelling, so that diversity is ensured in the composition of residents.

The spatial qualities are characterized by well-lit homes with high ceilings and double-height rooms. Gødvad Enge is screened based on the sustainability standard DGNB and Silkeborg Municipality’s sustainability tool.