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Frederiksborg Gymnasium multihal


Frederiksborg Gymnasium Multi-purpose Hall

A unique concept

The new multi-purpose hall can be divided by hoisting walls and run three simultaneous tracks in the teaching, but is also multi-purpose in relation to larger events, gatherings and exams.

Frederiksborg Gymnasium multihal
Frederiksborg Gymnasium multihal
Danish University and Property Agency

Characteristic glulam construction

The new multi-purpose hall at Frederikborg Gymnasium is based on a unique concept, where total economy, operation and environment have been given special priority. The concept is the result of a study in various sports halls, which was carried out in collaboration with the Danish University and Property Agency.

The hall is built in a characteristic glulam construction, where all surfaces are covered with acoustic panels which are at the same time “ball-proof”.

The building is naturally ventilated and has passive cooling. In the choice of material, special emphasis has been placed on using sustainable materials from renewable resources and with low operating costs.

In connection with the multi-hall, changing facilities have also been provided.

Frederiksborg Gymnasium multihal
Frederiksborg Gymnasium gangareal