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Environmental studies – Køhlers Have

Køhlers Have is to link the old and new Sydhavnen area

Køhlers Have is a large construction project which is to link the old southern harbour district with the new residential areas of Teglholmen and Sluseholmen. The project comprises three five-storey apartment blocks and will be constructed in a former industrial area in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn district. Before the construction work began, the existing industrial and office buildings on the approximately 15,000 m2 project site were demolished.

AG Gruppen
15.000 m2
Advisory role
Lead consultant
Sydhavnsgade murbrokker
Sydhavnsgade boring

From contaminated industrial area to healthy residential housing

The entire project site has been classified as contaminated in accordance with the Danish Soil Contamination Act due to extensive contamination of the soil and groundwater caused by previous commercial activities on the site. Environmental investigations have therefore been conducted and a section 8 permit has been sought to change the land use to residential use.

Sweco is lead consultant to AG Gruppen, which is the developer on the project. In addition to designing the new building, Sweco also provided all consultancy services related to the demolition of the existing buildings and the environmental investigations for the section 8 permit, including liaising with the relevant authorities. Additionally, Sweco conducted a very comprehensive pre-classification of all surplus soil to enable disposal of the soil to suitable recipients regardless of the level of contamination.

Sweco’s environmental services include:

Supplementary and defining contamination investigations of soil, groundwater and pore air

Risk assessment and indoor climate protection design

Drilling and soil sampling for pre-classification of surplus soil

Preparation of soil handling plan

Identification of harmful substances in building materials in existing buildings

Liaising with authorities, including section 8 process