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Øresundsmotorvejen om vinteren


Feasibility study for development of the E20 Amager motorway

Expansion and improved access to Avedøre Holme

The purpose of the feasibility study was to assess the possibilities for extending the Amager motorway and improving road access to Avedøre Holme. The study provided the basis for a decision in the Danish Folketing on whether to launch an EIA study. Or alternatively, to commence a more limited expansion to eight lanes within the existing road area.

The Danish Road Directorate
9 km.
Organise solution workshops, geotechnical conditions: overall analysis and assessment. Drainage: Identify and assess options for recycling the existing drainage system. Structures: Screen the condition of existing structures and assess renovation/replacement with new ones. Large pipes and cables: Map major pipes and cables. Capacity calculations, traffic analyses, design outline, construction estimates, prepare cohesive proposals for expansion, including an overview of traffic, safety, and reporting in a single technical report.
Advisory role
Lead consultant

Expansion proposal

In the feasibility study, we prepared a number of concrete proposals for expansion of the Amager motorway, including conversion of the motorway’s existing connecting systems or new connecting systems, to supplement or replace the two existing connecting systems at Avedøre Holme.

Traffic data and solution space

Sweco was an adviser on the feasibility study, including analysis and assessment. We described the existing road system and assessed what could be re-used and/or expanded.

The creative phase was conducted by holding two workshops, attended by the developer, stakeholders, consultants, etc. Through a managed process, we discussed and established the primary solutions to be explored in the subsequent process.

A note was prepared on the traffic data, outlining the assumptions and methodology for determining the data for the selected primary solutions. We provided information in this on how a traffic management system (ITS) could support traffic flow and road safety.

A note was also prepared for capacity calculations, explaining the methodology used for these and the results, including an interpretation of the results obtained. We also prepared a flow analysis.

The traffic analyses and the design of the expansion proposal focused on the interaction of the Amager motorway with the surrounding road network, including Motorring 3, the Køge Bugt motorway and the Øresund motorway, and on upgrading the motorway connections. Based on previous studies, we examined two principles for expansion of the motorway – expansion to 8/10 lanes plus emergency lanes, and expansion to eight lanes by incorporating the emergency lanes.

Amagermotorvejen i solnedgangen
E20 Amagermotorvejen