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Lastbiler på E-road

Sweden / Germany

E-roads for heavy goods transportation

Sweco is taking part in an innovative initiative with the Danish Road Directorate to determine whether e-roads could serve as a means for the green transformation of heavy goods transportation.

Sweden / Denmark
Investigation work for power lines | Traffic safety | LCA studies | Assessment of environmental and climate impact

There is a great desire for a green transformation of heavy goods transport. However, it is currently difficult to drive heavy goods transport over long distances solely based on charging batteries from fixed charging points.

The reason for its lack of economic feasibility is the costly batteries and limited driving range per charge. However, an alternative solution for heavy road transport could be E-roads, resembling overhead power lines seen in electrified train transport. This innovation has the potential to aid in the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transportation industry.

Experimental tracks in Sweden and Germany

The first e-road is set to be established near Örebro in Sweden, with an expected opening for traffic in 2025. In Germany, the government has allocated funding for three e-road test sections, with a decision on further electrification to be made within 2-4 years based on the experiences gained from these tests.

Sweco, in collaboration with Niels Buus Kristensen from the Climate Council, is using Incentive as a guide to assist the Road Directorate in determining whether it is beneficial to proceed with the installation of power lines in the transport corridor between Øresund and Femern. Alternatively, they are considering waiting for foreign experiences and the development of alternative solutions for the green transformation of heavy transport, which will serve as a basis for a political stance.

Sweco’s tasks include conducting investigations for power lines, traffic safety, LCA studies and assessment of environmental and climate impact. We collaborate with our Swedish colleagues.