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DNV Gødstrup bygges

Gødstrup, Holstebro

DNV Gødstrup – New Hospital in the West, Stage 1

98,000 m2 hospital building

In 2008, the Central Denmark Region decided to locate a new hospital at Gødstrup. Gødstrup Regional Hospital is a large new hospital that replaces the old hospitals in Herning and Holstebro.

Sweco is a leading party in the CuraVita consortium, consisting of Arkitema Architects, Aart Architects, NSW Arkitekter, MOE and Sweco. CuraVita is the lead consultant for Stage 1, Somatik, which is 98,000 m² in size, including 9,700 m² of basement.

The newly built hospital will contain wards, intensive care units, outpatient clinics, laboratories, operating theatres, a recovery area, a bedding centre, chapel, administrative areas, meeting and seminar rooms, ambulance hall, helipad, parking areas, etc.

Gødstrup, Holstebro
Region Midtjylland, DNV Regional Hospital Herning
98.000 m²
Project management, design management, engineering consultancy, professional supervision
Advisory role
Consortium member and consultant engineer
Arkitema Architects, AART Architects, NSW Arkitekter, MOE

User involvement and sustainability

CuraVita has been responsible for programming the construction prior to the design in cooperation with the developer’s 12 user groups. Sweco has been actively involved in this work. The user groups have made their mark on the building, and Sweco’s role was to assess what was technically and economically feasible.

Sweco was involved in the programming and design phase – where we set the technical guidelines for the design to achieve the best possible natural light conditions and the optimal conditions for sustainability and energy efficiency, logistics and OHS, logical routing for technical installations and general project constructability.

The hospital contains a wide range of complex technical areas, including imaging diagnostics (scanners), operating theatres and laboratories. Sweco has designed all electrical installations, as well as BMS and controls for ventilation systems in these rooms. A 7,000 m2 solar cell plant is being built close to the hospital, which has to supply the hospital and deliver 1 MW. The hospital building in Herning was designed to meet the 2010 Danish building code, and the goal is to achieve high efficiency coefficients for all installations to minimise energy consumption.

DNV Gødstrup rør i det fri 2
DNV Gødstrup rør i det fri

Natural light, acoustic indoor climate and working environment

Sweco carried out daylight calculations for the purpose of designing the building to maximise the influx of daylight in the rooms. This reduces the need for artificial lighting, and thus energy consumption, at the same time that it makes the indoor climate more pleasant for staff and patients alike. The ward towers have been positioned such that there is a view of nature from every ward, and there has been a great emphasis on reducing noise and achieving a pleasant acoustic indoor climate in the building.

Work has been done during the design process on new and better logistics principles, like AGVs and the latest technology, such as wayfinding and IT architecture. The design of the building ensures efficient procedures and makes the distances shorter. There has also been a focus on the working environment and the safety of patients, family members and employees alike.

The CuraVita consortium

CuraVita is the lead consultant for a large number of hospital departments and clinics, including: Acute admissions, intensive care and intervention (including several surgical and sterile areas), imaging diagnostics (including nuclear medicine), laboratories for clinical biochemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology and the pathology department, a number of specialist laboratories, and wards for thoracic, abdominal and family medicine, including a maternity ward.

Sweco has participated in the project management team together with Arkitema, has done design work and has supervised several engineering disciplines during construction.

DNV Gødstrup rendering af facader