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Space planning hos DLA Piper


DLA Piper

A modern workplace with openness and quality in mind

Quality solutions, Danish design and new forms of collaboration are the keywords in the global law firm, DLA Pipers, at Oslo Plads in Copenhagen.

Our team of interior designers created the new three-storey office domicile.

DLA Piper
Realised, 2021
Space Planning & Interior Design
Spaceplanning for DLA Piper
Kontorindretning - Sweco Danmark

Knowledge sharing and integration in bright and open office spaces

With the building’s central location and orientation towards the surrounding community, our focus has been to provide employees with a modern workplace where they easily can interact and share knowledge in open and well-lit office landscapes.

Regardless of where you are in DLA Piper’s new office facilities there is transparency and a good view – and inspiring surroundings, including art and colors on the walls. The glass walls create a transparent environment so that the employees feel closely connected and can see each other, the library and curtains in calm colors help to create a homely and informal atmosphere.

Spaceplanning for DLA Piper - Sweco Architects