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Digital affaldshåndtering

Rudersdal Municipality

Digital waste management in Rudersdal Municipality

Optimisation of municipal waste management

A new IoT-based waste solution means that collection vehicles will no longer be dispatched to empty waste bins in Rudersdal Municipality. Sweco has installed 450 intelligent sensors in the municipality’s public outdoor waste bins. These make it possible to streamline operations, as the sensors report when the waste bins need to be emptied.

Sweco supplied the innovative solution, consisting of sensors and an operating system, that saves Rudersdal and several other municipalities unnecessary driving and thereby fuel, carbon emissions and costs.

Rudersdal Municipality
Rudersdal Municipality
Waste management IoT-solution (IoT and Driftweb)

IoT solution has led to a cleaner Rudersdal with 10% fewer bins

The solution has allowed Rudersdal Municipality to convert its waste collection service from scheduled to demand-driven operation. This saves time, resources and driving, and leads to a cleaner municipality. Placing sensors in the bins allows Rudersdal Municipality to operate the waste collection system responsibly and sustainably, and save time and resources – both economic and environmental. The sensors send data regularly to the municipality’s operating unit, which can see how full each bin is on a monitor and dispatch a driver when the bin needs to be emptied. The system thereby makes it possible to move from scheduled to demand-driven operation, reducing the number of garbage truck journeys. This leads to operational savings – even including the sensor operating costs.

The sensors, IoT and DriftWeb operating system, also allow the municipality to avoid overflowing bins and thus provide a better and more visible waste management service to citizens. Sweco supplied the IoT waste management solution in cooperation with Telia.

Less driving – less carbon emissions

With the installation of the sensors and the use of DriftWeb, it is estimated that Rudersdal Municipality can avoid unnecessary driving, minimise carbon emissions and optimise their waste collection. With the solution fully implemented, Rudersdal Municipality expects to be able to remove 10% of the existing 500 waste bins in the municipality. The solution helps to ensure targeted planning of operations and trips to the municipality’s many bins, and provides an overview of misplaced bins that can be removed or moved to where they are needed more.