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DFDS nye domicil i Nordhavn


DFDS Domicil

Developer consultant at DFDS’ new office domicile in Nordhavn

DFDS’ new domicile at Marmormolen in Nordhavn is designed as a long house that meanders along the quay at Marmormolen. The building measures 12,500 m2 and is only 18 meters wide and 7 storeys high. It differs from the more classic atrium-oriented domiciles, as the building plot invited a different design.

The lower floors, one and a half decks of which are dug into the ground, contain parking facilities. A floor and a half above ground there is a foyer and arrival. From the third to the fifth floor there are office facilities and on the sixth floor there is both a kitchen, an auditorium and a terrace from which there is a view to the water. On the seventh floor there are meeting facilities and on the very top floor is the technic.

Sweco has been associated with the project as developer consultant for Pension Danmark since the start of the project in 2018.

Pension Danmark
12.500 m²
Developer consultant
NCC Danmark | PLH Arkitekter
Foto credits
PLH Arkitekter | Søren Aagaard
DFDS domicil - facade
DFDS domicil - interiør
DFDS domicil - trappe

Domicile tailor-made to DFDS

With the beautiful location on the quay opposite the shipping company’s own ferry terminal and with a view of the Oslo ferry’s arrival and departure, the domicile is tailor-made for the shipping company DFDS. The terminology from DFDS’ own world has been transferred to the domicile’s design and functions, and the iconic signature building supports the DFDS culture and underpins the maritime identity. In addition, the new domicile appears welcoming and as a modern, activity-based working environment for the more than 550 employees.

The domicile property on the Marmormolen is a flexible building and includes the ground floor to the 5th floor as well as a basement with parking. PLH Arkitekter is behind the design and layout of the building, which takes its inspiration from the cruise ship’s streamlined structure both inside and out.

The project has achieved DGNB Gold.

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