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Den Blå Kant med havn og huse


Den Blå Kant

An ambitious transformation and climate protection of Svendborg Harbor

Den Blå Kant (The Blue Edge) is a development project that initiates a comprehensive climate protection of the Port of Svendborg. At the same time, the port’s cultural environments are expanded with a number of recreational areas, including a harbor bath, a harbor park and a promenade along the quay.

The vision for Den Blå Kant is to secure the harbor against storm surges and cloudbursts, and at the same time create greater cohesion across the harbor area – including strengthening the existing cultural environments and adding new recreational and social values to the harbor and to Svendborg City as a whole.

Den Blå Kant med havn og huse
Den Blå Kant med havn og huse
in progress
Svendborg Municipality
8 acres
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UN Sustainability Goals 9, 11, 13 and 14

Climate protection – The Blue Edge

The Port of Svendborg is today exposed to floods and extreme climate events, and one of the project’s main measures is therefore to establish rainwater management and storm surge protection up to high water quota +3.0, which secures the city against cloudburst without compromising access to water.

A large part of the storm surge solutions used are integrated as design and activity elements in the new urban spaces. For example, a new harbor bath, a promenade, a workshop area with maritime leisure facilities and a new harbor park with various opportunities for activities that will also connect the city center and the harbor environment will be established.

The climate protection strategy is a combination of various technical initiatives that are integrated into the new recreational urban spaces and pier facilities, but which do not visually appear as technical installations in the urban space. For example, locks, dikes and flaps are established on the seabed in the entrance, which at high tide is activated and secures the entire port area.

Den Blå Kant med havnen

Based on the harbors unique cultural environment

Today, the Port of Svendborg consists of various maritime cultural environments, each with its own special character – from the cultural-historical wooden ship harbor and the industrial gasworks site to the southern part of the harbor, which is characterized by low-rise buildings with high conservation value and maritime leisure facilities.

Better infrastructure and connection to the city center

In the work with Den Blå Kant, there will be a focus on strengthening the urban space between Svendborg city center and the harbor, in order to create a better connection between the two environments. At the same time, the connection across the port environments must be strengthened so that the individual cultural areas are better connected.

This is done by establishing a coherent path for pedestrians and cyclists along the harbor edge. Along the way, the path will meet a number of intersections, where transverse sight lines clearly mark the transition from city to port. In addition, the path will run through the port’s sub-areas, and be designed so that materiality is adapted to the context and the port’s different areas.