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Kystsikring af Solrød Kommune


Coastal protection for Solrød Municipality

Over 1200 properties will benefit from the coastal protection initiatives under the project

Køge Bugt (bay) has been designated a national risk area for flooding. Solrød Municipality has therefore chosen Sweco architect and engineering consultants to provide coastal protection for the at-risk residential areas across the entire municipality. Under the project, over 1200 properties will benefit from the coastal protection initiatives.

In progress
Solrød Municipality
Ca. 1200 properties
Detailed design of lock solutions and water management, in the form of qualified knowledge of future storm surges and water volumes and the use of relevant flood assessment tools.

EU directive

In 2007, the EU adopted a flood directive on assessing and managing the risk of flooding from seas and watercourses. Based on the Danish Coastal Authority’s analysis, Køge Bay was designated as one of 14 areas in Denmark most at risk of flooding. The designation meant that Solrød Municipality had to prepare a risk management plan, indicating a future desired level of coastal protection and possible initiatives.

A natural part of the surroundings

Sweco is drawing on experience from climate change adaptation and coastal protection elsewhere in Denmark in its detailed design of the lock solutions. The water management is based on knowledge of future storm surges and water volumes, and relevant flood assessment tools. The lock solutions are designed to be integrated into the surroundings, and the construction work will be carried out with the minimum possible impact on nature and society.

Construction costs are estimated at approx. DKK 7 million. The project was launched at the end of 2020 and runs until spring 2021, after which a contractor will implement the work over the summer.

”Sweco was chosen because they presented an attractive alternative approach to solving the task, based on the latest knowledge in the field of climate change adaptation. The project involves specially designed lock solutions for Karlstrup Mosebæk, Solrød Bæk and Skensved Å, and raising terrain at Holmehusvej, to achieve a uniform protection level for the entire area.”

Lotte Lodbjerg Kjær, Head of Environment, Solrød Muniicipality