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Bryggerhuset facade



A novel building designed for young Copenhageners, offering both privacy and communal living options

The homes are designed as minimal homes of approximately 25 m2 with integrated furniture and their own kitchen and bathroom.

Boligselskabet fsb
81 housing units / 3.500 m²
Overall consultant until authority project
Sketching, programming and initial authority processing for approval of support. Subsequently: design
General contractor team: Daurehøj Erhvervsbyg A/S with H+ Arkitekter and Niras. Initial phase: COWI | Kragh & Berglund Landskab.
Bryggerhuset udsigt fra bolig
Bryggerhuset model
Bryggerhuset model 2

Community and individuality

There are plenty of spacious common areas, and the ground floor common area is designed to face the street, creating a sense of unity with the surrounding community.

Sweco Architects has prioritized community in their efforts to design appealing housing for youth, emphasizing the connections between young residents, the wider development, and the broader city.

The first level features a colonnade that serves as an intermediary or boundary area between the communal areas of the house and the urban setting. It encourages pupils to venture outside and take part in the activation of the surrounding cityscape, while maintaining a connection to the internal courtyard that extends beneath the structure. Moreover, with 81 students present, a substantial number of bicycles are accommodated for with ample space.

The students’ communal spaces are situated on the ground level, fostering a sense of community through spontaneous and planned interactions among residents. These areas comprise lounges, shared facilities, study rooms, and a laundry room.

Bryggerhuset plan
Bryggerhuset fællesrum
Bryggerhuset tagterrasse
Bryggerhuset detalje
Bryggerhuset fællesrum
Bryggerhuset udsigt