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Plus Bornholm facade

Living concept

+++ boliger

A sustainable concept that provides affordable and buildable public housing

The +++ home is a concept developed by Sweco Architects, which is the first ever to make it possible to build cheap and energy-efficient homes that produce more energy than they use, under the set budget for public youth and family homes.

+++boligkoncept Sunds rendering
+++boligkoncept Teglparken

“A good home is a home that is good, healthy and safe to live in, to pay for and meet the residents’ individual needs. The +++ concept has been developed with the ambition of giving the public housing associations the opportunity to build homes that can be built at the right price, that give the residents a cheap rent, and that do not compromise on sustainability and the architectural quality. ”
Ivan Nyborg, Market Director

Flexible concept

The flexible concept +++ housing can be adapted to different public housing types and sizes and can thus be adapted to many resident groups and people in different phases of life and with different needs – for example, the housing, as we have done on Bornholm, can be designed as youth housing of 37 m2 with a rent of less than 3,000 kr. incl. consumption or a family home of 115 m2 with a rent of approx. 7,300 kroner incl. spending.

+++boligkoncept Bornholm