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Bornholms Strandpark


Beach park on Bornholm

New beach park in Rønne aims to protect the coast and the city – and create recreational value

Sweco participates as a technical consultant with an interdisciplinary team of consultants who will establish a new beach park at Nørrekås in Rønne for the Regional Municipality of Bornholm. The aim is to develop the coastline into an exciting excursion destination combined with the beach park providing protection against coastal erosion.

Realised, 2021
Bornholms Regionskommune
700 m.
Beach park, promenade, reduction of sedimentation, rock reefs
UN Sustainability Goals 11 and 14

The principal idea of the project is a multifunctional solution model that addresses four challenges at once: Firstly, to reduce the erosion pressure on the beach and, secondly, to handle the depositing of sand in the marina. This is followed by an exploration of the possibility of establishing an esplanade and a reef that benefits nature and enhances the experience for visitors.

“The project aims to develop this part of the coastline into an exciting excursion destination combined with the beach park solving several local coastal problems,” says Project Manager Anne Sofie von Der Pahlen from the Regional Municipality of Bornholm.

Nature’s own solutions

The team of consultants work with Building-with-Nature solutions by using site-specific coastal processes and the natural dynamics of the area as a basis. This is incorporated into the project, for example by establishing a reef that supports biodiversity and provides coastal protection. Coastal protection is consequently not a foreign element in nature, but is incorporated as an integral part of the landscape. The solutions are dynamic and can therefore be adapted to climate change, while the project also supports recreational values.

In their performance of the assignment, Sweco’s coastal and climate team also draws on experience from comparable projects such as the establishment of a beach park at Køge Port and projects at Helsingborg and Trelleborg in Sweden.

Bornholms Strandpark

Interdisciplinary team of consultants

Sweco acts as a technical sparring partner in the interdisciplinary team of consultants, which includes NATOUR and ARKLAND as well as a number of other interdisciplinary consultants. Together with the team, Sweco will develop a number of scenarios that will be reviewed by the political decision-makers. The chosen scenario will subsequently be expanded into a master plan that will be subject to local political review.

Under the project, Nørrekås in Rønne will be developed into a special coastal facility spanning a 700-metre stretch of coastline along Nordre Kystvej. The stretch will linked great natural values north and south of the city. The final material will form the basis for the further work in the form of an application to the Danish Coastal Authority, funding applications, etc.