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Trappeløb i Bankdata



A modern office building with a focus on daylight and informal meeting places for employees

Bankdata is a modern office building located in Silkeborg’s business corridor.

Bankdata’s new office building contains office space, meeting rooms and common facilities, as well as a kitchen and canteen for 150 employees located around a central courtyard. The office areas are a combination of large rooms and cell offices and are designed flexibly for future changes in work patterns. The interior design provides ample daylight for all permanent office spaces and for informal meeting places in the common zones.

Jyske Bank
7.491 m2
Mødelokaler i Bankdata

A distinctive and modern expression

Characteristic of the construction is the large stairwell, which houses a sculptural concrete staircase, suspended by cables. An almost lavish incidence of light passes through the glass protection of the stairs, whereby the light is reflected at the same time as the heavy volume of the stairs and the vertical lines from the suspension give an airy effect against the background of light, slatted clad walls.

On the outside, the building stands solidly on the ground with brick facades in gray-striped brick and details in corten steel, whereas it opens inwards towards a courtyard, decorated with planters and mirror basin, in which the artist Peter Brande’s poetic, painted glass is visible from all floors.

Everywhere on the façade, in a rigorous pattern, corten steel cassettes are placed around the window openings, which together with masonry details gives the building a distinctive and modern look. The entrance section consists of a four-storey glass section in a frame of corten steel that marks itself vertically in the facade.

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