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Bakkegårdene rendering



A new circular district of the future in Holstebro

Bakkegårdene is a new, visionary urban development project in Holstebro, which will create Denmark’s first circular district on a private initiative. In terms of energy and resources the project is 100% included in its own cycle. The project contains more than 550 new homes and incorporates initiatives that meet a wide range of UN sustainable development goals. Bakkegårdene supports thereby the sustainable development of the municipality.


new homes included in its own circle

In progress
450.000 m²
Holstebro Municipality
Arkitektfirmaet Bo Christensen

Today, the area at Holstebro’s old agricultural college lays as a bare field. It is an area less than two kilometres from the city centre with an unresolved urban development potential. Within a few years a new district will shoot up in the area: Bakkegårdene – one of Denmark’s first circular residential areas.

“With Bakkegårdene, the ambition is to prove that with thought-through urban planning and design-technical solutions we can create a new, large residential area that in terms of energy and resources can be included in its own circuit. We have worked extensively with the circular mindset and the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the project to create a district that is as sustainable and future-proof as possible on all parameters,”
– Mette Geertsen, Creative Manager, Urban Planning

UN sustainable development goals as starting point

Bakkegårdene will incorporate initiatives that support selected SDGs, focusing on three main themes: Landscape, Resources and Social Sustainability. The project strengthens the area’s existing nature with a focus on biodiversity and quality of life for the residents of the area. At the same time, small-scale food production is integrated as a resource and social pivotal point. The main focus is that all initiatives must play into the circular mindset and goals.

Holstebro are working extensively to attract new residents and companies. Therefore, a central part of Bakkegårdene’s vision is to contribute to Holstebro Municipality’s visions in terms of sustainability, SDGs, business and not least inflow of residents by giving new population groups and companies a new incentive to move towards the area.

Bakkegårdene rendering
bakkegårdene luftfoto

»The ambition of the Bakkegårdene is not to attract – and thereby move – citizens and businesses already living in Holstebro, the goal is to a much greater extent to attract new people from all over the country. The vision is to create an attractive district that offers something other than what the town is known for. In this way, the project must contribute to the development of the entire municipality.«

Mette Geertsen / Creative Manager / Urban Planning