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Avedøreruten cyklist under broen



Surface repair and improved safety on the path

Avedøreruten (a bicycle route) is a popular ring and radial route to Amager that continues in to Ved Slusen in Copenhagen S. Much of the route runs on paths far away from other traffic, allowing cycling commuters to ride amidst green surroundings from Avedøre Holme to Sydhavnen in Copenhagen.

2021 – 2023
Copenhagen Municipality
Project proposal, tender project, execution project, ICT management and OHS coordination

The project covers an approx. 4.6 kilometre long section from Skrædderholmen/the Amager motorway (Sorterendebroen) to Ved Slusen near Sjællandsbroen. Most of the section consists of a paved cycle and pedestrian path, about 3 metres wide.

Avedøreruten is a good, direct connection between commercial and residential areas in Hvidovre and the City of Copenhagen. The City of Copenhagen wanted to improve conditions for the many cyclists who use the route each day, through measures such as installing new lighting and upgrading existing lighting.


Focus on cyclist safety and sense of security

With an eye for the users’ movements and use of the path, lighting, service and safety have all been considered during the project. Specific measures include:

Solar-powered LED lights in the asphalt, from under the motorway bridge to Selinevej

Bollard lighting from Selinevej to the path at Sydhavnen/the railway crossing

Better lighting in the tunnels at Vejlands Allé, based on the super bicycle path lighting model for tunnels

Lighting in railings from the municipal boundary down to under the motorway bridge

Two bicycle counters and tire pumps and a service station

Railings installed on paths at Amager motorway

Barriers to promote a sense of security between the bicycle path and motorway at Sorterendebroen

Improvements to signs, painted lines, etc., railings installed along the path and the up/down ramps to the motorway bridge on the steep slopes adjacent to the path, and improvement to the barriers between the motorway and the cycle path.

Initiatives on the route

Sweco has been responsible for preparing the project proposal and tendering the project, and ICT management and OHS coordination during the project design phase.