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Afspæring ved Amalienborg Slotsplads


Amalienborg Palace Square

Perimeter security for Amalienborg Palace Square

Based on security recommendations from the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, resulting from an assessment of a heightened risk of terrorism, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces wanted to establish perimeter security around Amalienborg Palace Square and the entire building complex within the square.

The project idea, design and functionality were aligned with the area’s residents and stakeholders through presentations to HM the Queen and HRH the Crown Prince, palace staff, the Royal Life Guards, the Royal Stable, the Copenhagen Police and Hovedstadens Beredskab (the Greater Copenhagen emergency response service). In combination with the security project, it was desired to have the physical design and condition of the access roads evaluated, as well as the local signage.

LYTT Architecture
Capital expenditure
16 mio.
2.300 M2
Realised, 2020
LYTT Architects
Amalienborg Slotsplads by night

Steel bollards with a bronze surface

Perimeter protection to be installed in the access roads at the periphery of Amalienborg Square. Steel bollards with a bronze surface were proposed. Some fixed in position, and others that can be hydraulically lowered in the roadways.

Two hydraulic bollards to be installed in the access roads from west Frederiksgade and north and south Amaliegade, and one at the access road from east Frederiksgade at Toldbodgade. The locations have been based on aesthetic considerations, so that Amalienborg Square is accentuated. Placed in line with the side buildings’ pilasters, the bollards blend seamlessly in with the facade setting.

The bollards restrict access such that only vehicles carrying members of the Royal Family and other residents, and vehicles involved in the activities of the palace, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces and the City of Copenhagen are granted access to the site. Access through the bollards is automatically controlled via transponders (similar to the ‘brobizz’ technology) and number plate recognition, or by calling the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ 24-hour Guard Room 7 at Amalienborg, from where security personnel can operate the bollards.