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Urban planning

Urban planning create the foundation for the cities of the future

As urban planners, we specialize in creating the foundation for the cities of the future. We have many years of experience in assisting our clients with advice on urban development.

We safely guide projects through different stages, ensure dialogue across disciplines, and ensure that the planning basis constitutes a long-term and valuable starting point for further development.

Urbanization, climate, technology, family patterns, and lifestyles are constantly changing and demanding higher standards for the functionality and quality of cities. This applies to large cities, suburbs, small villages, as well as new urban areas.

Our urban planners are experts in the field of urban planning, and we work with all aspects ranging from strategic urban development consulting and feasibility studies to comprehensive municipal and local plans.

From the very early stages, we assist our clients throughout the project, from developing visions to more concrete urban development projects. Through this process, we help define the future character of our cities.

We collaborate with developers, administrations, politicians, and citizens so architectural quality, market mechanisms, economy, and political visions all come together. Based on our professional competencies and broad experience, we understand the perspective from all sides of the table, and we translate this knowledge into solid solutions that create value for all parties.

Master Plan – Thomas B. Thriges Gade Odense
Thomas B. Thriges Gade cykelsti med gående par
Local Plan – Norlys Aalborg
Development Plan – Søagerhusene Smørum
Rendering af Søagerhusene
Development Plan – Den Blå Kant Svendborg
Den Blå Kant med havn og huse
Visionary Plan – Bakkegårdene Holstebro
Bakkegårdene rendering
Outline Plan – Rantzausbakke Horsens
Rantzausbakke rendering
Outline Plan – Tulipgrunden Aarhus
Tulipgrunden - Sweco Architects
Local Plan – Teglværks Lunden Herning
Teglværks Lunden

Our approach

At the heart of our work lies the art of urban planning, which we constantly refine to stay ahead of the curve. Our approach is characterized by dedication, analysis, and problem-solving. We offer professional guidance and employ a holistic process that involves close collaboration with our clients, municipalities, and other stakeholders.

Our expertise in integrated consulting and interdisciplinary urban planning is strengthened by our partnership with Sweco colleagues who specialize in areas such as landscape design, architecture, sustainability, water management, traffic, noise, pollution, environment, and nature.

We ensure the incorporation of specific skills at the right junctures in the process, laying a strong foundation for creating cities that are both functional and future-proof.

Whether the project is big or small, urban or rural, we prioritize providing our clients with security, clarifying opportunities and constraints, and managing the process from start to finish with seamless project management.


With a solid team of strong urban planning resources, we can assist with a wide range of tasks and processes. We provide urban planning assistance throughout the country and offer the following services, among others:

Plan screening

Interdisciplinary screening

Visionary plans

Development plans

Structural plans

Master plans

Outline plans

Local plans

We welcome the opportunity for a meeting without any obligation. Our interest lies in understanding your unique requirements, aspirations, and preferences to provide personalized and qualified services tailored to your needs.

Anja Boserup

Anja Boserup

Team Manager / Landscape East / Landscape Architect
Mette Geertsen

Mette Geertsen

Creative Manager / Urban Planning West / Architect