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Nørreport Station by night

Sweco Architects

Lighting Design

Lighting is essential to our experience of spaces and our well-being.

At Sweco we work holistically with light. We integrate natural and artificial lighting as a balanced and natural part of the architecture, with a human focus. We provide a wide range of expert consultancy services in relation to natural and artificial lighting, and we join forces with developers, architects and artists to create innovative lighting concepts, which we transform into efficient technical solutions.

Novo Nordisk Bagsværd
Novo Nordisk lysdesign rødt ovenlys
Modernisation of Østerport Station Copenhagen
Østerport Station loft over rulletrapper

Light plays a crucial role

Light is essential to all living beings. Light renders our surroundings visible and is an essential element of our well-being, both physiologically and mentally.

Consultancy on natural light and optical indoor climate

The use of natural light has become vital and complex as urban areas have become more densely populated and energy requirements stricter. We have expertise in all types of consultancy on natural lighting – from strategic utilisation of natural light in urban development projects to assessing and doing calculations for optical indoor climates. Optical indoor climate is about designing, calculating and documenting levels of lighting and visual comfort, and allowing daylight and artificial lighting to complement one another. The human circadian rhythm is biologically dependent on the right light (and darkness). Experiencing the changeability of natural light in a room and using lighting to create variation during the day and over the year adds quality to the indoor environment.

Architectural lighting – consultancy on artificial lighting in interior and exterior projects

Sweco works with architectural lighting design, using artificial lighting to enhance the project’s spatial and architectural qualities. The artificial lighting is designed and integrated based on the project’s natural lighting design and resources. We create original, authentic light design that meets functional requirements and human needs while also creating atmosphere and mood, and that supports the vision of the developer and architects.

A city has its own circadian rhythm. At dusk, urban spaces are transformed from daylight experiences into being depicted by artificial lighting. Light design gives priority to light and creates evocative outdoor spaces where the way the light is designed helps create a sense of security, identity and atmosphere.

Morten Hell

Morten Hell

Department Manager / Acoustica / Lighting Design