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Tulipgrunden bird view

Landscape architecture

We design aesthetic and functional outdoor environments

With a dialogue-based and holistic approach, we are passionate about creating landscape spaces that add value for users in terms of functional, aesthetic and sustainable solutions that contribute to their quality of life.

We work with this discipline on many scales – from complex master plans to strategic detailed planning for intimate urban and garden spaces, where the little things make all the difference. We work with urban and landscape spaces in all forms. We strive to create green environments that support the interplay with the surroundings and improve the atmosphere as a whole.

Integrated design

We believe in the value of integrated design, and that we create the best projects in collaboration with other professional groups. For example, we work closely with our engineers on projects such as Favrholm Nord, Svendborg Harbour, Nørrestrand and Thomas B. Thriges Gade. When we collaborate across professional disciplines, we ensure that buildability, economics, function and aesthetics are all taken into account, so that constraints and challenges are addressed in time and the project is carried all the way from proposal to execution.

Thomas B. Thriges Gade Odense
Thomas B. Thriges Gade cykelsti med gående par
Halsskov Havn Korsør
Halsskov Havn
Den Blå Kant Svendborg
Den Blå Kant vandaktivitet
Regina Aarhus
Regina i Aarhus
Rantzausbakke Herning
Rantzausbakke rendering
Kunstnerkarréen Copenhagen
Kunstnerkarreen facade 2
Favrholm North Hillerød
Favrholm Nord cykelsti
Israels Plads Copenhagen
Israels Plads fra luften
Anja Boserup

Anja Boserup

Team Manager / Landscape East / Landscape Architect
Carina Rosenbech Thybo

Carina Rosenbech Tycho

Team Manager / Landscape West / Landscape Architect
Mette Lund Traberg

Mette Lund Traberg

Creative Manager / Landscape Architecture