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Almanakken - Visionsprojekt


Human well-being and quality of life are highly impacted by the setting we live in

We have designed homes for many years and have broad experience with everything from complete residential areas to youth housing and apartment buildings.

A diverse and green district

The 160,000 sqm site, which until 2016 housed Copenhagen’s Grønttorv, is currently being transformed into an attractive, diverse district with clear roots in the unique history of the area.

Designing homes is therefore about creating buildings and spaces that make best use of the space and are beautiful and thought-out in relation to the people who will live in them. Private homes must be attractive and healthy to live in. Our housing projects therefore always give consideration to the indoor climate, natural lighting, views and sustainability on several levels.

When we design homes, we make sure that our buildings not only function as individual units, but also interact with their surroundings and contribute to them.

Public housing

Working with public housing requires an approach where residents, urban areas and sustainability are in focus and considered as a whole.

We renovate with great respect and innovate with insight, because we know that people’s well-being and quality of life are greatly determined by the setting they live in – inside and out. In all our projects, we strive to create quality future-proof homes for the almost one million Danes who currently live in public housing.

As experienced architects and consultants in the public housing sector, we spend our days among our customers and their residents. We are therefore familiar with the specific workflows, processes, stakeholders and procedures linked to this sector. We have extensive knowledge and offer professional advice regarding residential community rules, legislation and building technology.

User involvement

We create homes for people, and to ensure the best possible settings, we familiarise ourselves with the things residents expect from their homes – today and in the future.

Grønttorvet Valby
Grønttorvet børn ved trappe
UN17 Copenhagen
Rendering af UN17 Village
Almanakken Visionary project
Bakkegårdene Holstebro
Rantzausbakke rendering
The Schiller District Nykøbing Falster
Schillerkvarteret overview
Knudrisrækkerne Aarhus C
knudrisrækkerne streetview
+++boliger Denmark
Plus Bornholm facade
Greensquare Garden Copenhagen
Greensquare Garden facader
Papirtårnet Silkeborg
Papirtårnet i solopgang
Mia Scheel

Mia Scheel

Market Director

Kristian Rasmussen

Team Manager / Project Manager / Architect

Malene Nørgaard Corydon

Creative Manager / Housing West / Architect
Ivan Nyborg

Ivan Nyborg

Market Manager / Constructing Architect
Inge Skytte Nielsen

Inge Nielsen Skytte

Team Manager / Creative Manager / Public Housing