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Sweco Architects' tegnestue i Ørestad

Career at Sweco Architects

We bring aesthetics and precision together

We are 320 employees at Sweco Architects, who work together at our offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Silkeborg, Herning and Odense.

At Sweco Architects, we create frameworks for life and communities – and we contribute to positive, sustainable development in the society we are part of. Together we design and develop the homes, schools, workplaces, landscape and urban spaces of the future. And we do it based on an integrated collaboration between all the aesthetic and technical disciplines in the construction sector.

We specialize in housing, education, leisure, business, retail, space planning, transformation, urban planning, landscape architecture, lighting design and acoustics.

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Sweco Architects as a workplace

Our employees are our strongest card

Our employees are our strongest card. We put together the best team each time, so that we complement and strengthen each other and bring the individual’s skills into play to ensure quality and value. And we make sure that you get the best opportunities to develop professionally in a good collegial environment with a high level of architectural ambition.

We value the social community highly and have a strong tradition of joint events – both professional and festive.

Sweco Architects is part of Sweco – Europe’s largest consulting architectural and engineering company. Together, we function as one integrated consulting company within architecture and engineering consulting, working together from our offices throughout the country. This means that on a daily basis we work closely with colleagues in Sweco with specialties within, among other things, water, environment, energy, fire, constructions and operation.

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Internship at Sweco Architects

Join us!

We are always looking for curious and creative architect and construction designer trainees for our design studios.

As an intern with us, you become a central part of our team, where you can both learn from our experienced architects and constructors and help shape and develop our projects.

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Meet our employees

Henriette Falk Olesen / Competence Manager / Sustainability / DGNB Auditor / Architect

If you have ideas and visions that can benefit the company, there is room to explore them. Responsibility and development are a must, and you get a chance to test your wings before you have to choose your career path. If you demonstrate that you’re good at something, you are allowed to have responsibility – my own case is one example of this.

Room for evolvement

Henriette Falk Olesen is a civil engineer with a specialization in architecture, and since 2011 has had her daily routine at Årstiderne Arkitekter – today Sweco Architects. A state-supported internship was the start of her career, first with a project appointment as a sketching architect, then project manager and now as one of our competence managers within sustainability and DGNB auditors. This year, Henriette can celebrate its 10th anniversary – and there is a very special reason for that.

Henriette’s interest in sustainable construction and certifications came in connection with a larger project, Innovest Skjern, of which she was allowed to be a central part as a young architect. So central that she was responsible for completing the project’s certification. In 2018, Henriette was trained as a DGNB consultant within sustainability certification of urban areas, which was part of the architect division’s focus on a holistic approach to sustainable construction.

Henriette can, among other things, write housing projects such as Kunstnerkarreen and Greensquare Garden in Copenhagen on the CV as a DGNB auditor, where the latter today is Denmark’s largest DGNB gold-certified residential building. In collaboration with her colleagues in sustainability, Henriette has been responsible for mapping Sweco’s projects based on the UN’s 17 World Goals, which has resulted in the publication “Together on a more sustainable future – Sweco and the UN’s World Goals”.