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Østerport Station hall

Sweco Acoustica


Sound is one of the key factors that influences how we experience rooms and buildings, the working environment, learning and well-being. Good acoustic design involves understanding the customer’s wishes and the users’ needs, and translating these into functional architectural solutions.

Sweco Acoustica works consistently to integrate acoustics into each building’s architectural style, so that the acoustics interact with other indoor climate factors – lighting, air and temperature – to achieve a cohesive functional and aesthetic style. The acoustics must also support the function of the building – whether it be a school, office, cinema or concert hall. We help our customers throughout the entire building and room acoustics process – from the initial sketches to final solutions for a comfortable acoustic environment.

Our focus areas include wood construction – as part of a sustainable future – and BIM, where integration of acoustic tools offers new opportunities for a close, dynamic collaboration process.

Akustikere i Sweco

Sweco Acoustica

With more than 35 acoustic engineers geographically spread throughout Denmark, Sweco’s acoustics department – Acoustica – covers most of the special areas of expertise in relation to acoustics, noise and vibration.

We are driven by a passion for good sound – by dampening disruptive noise and creating optimal spaces for learning, well-being or creative expression. Many of us are performing musicians and singers in our spare time.

Our services

Building and room acoustic design

Calculating sound requirements for building facades

Building acoustic measurements

Measurement of all room acoustic parameters

Advice on product development

Accredited laboratory tests

Modernisation of Østerport Station Copenhagen
Østerport Station hall
Hempel Copenhagen
Hempel trappeareal
The New Rigshospital Copenhagen
Nordfløjen facade
Morten Hell

Morten Hell

Department Manager / Acoustica / Lighting Design