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IT udvikling

Digital solutions

IT development

Our IT specialists can help develop and implement custom IT and GIS solutions – based on your requirements and needs.

We have a special focus on user-friendly solutions with optimal interfaces and IT architecture, which can be used on all platforms – in various browsers and by people with disabilities.

Use us as a sparring partner to help you think innovatively. We are specialists in software development and customise all solutions to fit your situation.

Our development of digital solutions is based on close cooperation, with special attention to understanding your needs, routines and workflows, so that the final result and technical specifications make your daily work easier.

Digital solutions and IoT DataHub

When it comes to operating the cities and society of the future, we have a targeted focus on implementing the Internet of Things (IoT).

Sweco’s IoT DataHub allows you to optimise your operations using sensors that detect tasks for examination or automatic execution in your operations system.

The system also proposes the most efficient route for the day’s activities. This means that you can minimise unnecessary driving, save inefficient routine checks and thereby focus more on value-adding tasks throughout the day.

OGC® Sensor Observation Server

We use the OGC® Sensor Observation Server (SOS) standard to extract data, allowing Sweco’s and third-party applications to display and analyse current and historical data.

Our IoT DataHub can also extract data via APIs developed by Sweco for other cloud-based IoT services.

Automatic updates to master address database TDC
Upgrade of Byggeskadeforsikringen Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority
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Further development of Råstof-IT for the regions The Danish Regions
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Kasper Thunø

Team Manager / Development