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Digital Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Sweco is a market-leading supplier of the Spatial Suite online GIS solution, and has more than 20 years’ experience.

We supply lasting turnkey solutions and our service extends to taking responsibility for operations and management of the solution.

Spatial Suite is modular and we develop new modules on an ongoing basis in collaboration with you, aimed at optimising workflows and creating value.

Spatial Suite

Spatial Suite brings geographic data into play, and is our complete online GIS solution for presenting, digitising and analysing geographic data.

Spatial Suite is component-based, and can perform simple and complex tasks in combination with your existing systems. Spatial Suite is a core solution containing a number of standard features. A wide range of add-on modules are also available:

  • The data module is a collection of more than 1000 complete articles and presentations containing public data from SDFE, GeoDanmark, etc.
  • The ESDH integration module integrates Spatial Suite with a number of common ESDH systems
  • The public hearing list module is based on Cognito and LOIS databases and can generate mailing lists for mail merges and digital broadcasts for public hearings
  • The minimap module allows you to create maps using data from Spatial Suite that can be embedded in your organisation’s website

The modular structure makes Spatial Suite a strong tool for case officers and citizens in Danish agencies and municipalities.

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Pipe and cable registration/LERDataService

The work of submitting drawings in connection with LER queries can be difficult and resource-intensive.

Sweco’s digital pipe and cable registration system has been developed specifically for municipalities, utilities, agencies and other organisations that have underground pipes and cables, and helps you get a digital overview of your pipe and cable data.

Our LERDataService also helps to automatically and efficiently respond to excavation enquiries.

The registration solution is relevant if you need to digitise your cable or pipe network.

The tool has been developed specifically to service the needs of municipalities and companies for simple registration of the pipes and cables you do not own, and which are not maintained by a utility company.

Ditte Reholt

Ditte Wittendorff Reholt

Team Manager / Compliance & GIS