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Digital Waste Management

Digital Waste Management solutions

Sweco’s RenoWeb IT solution for waste management is the general solution for managing and handling municipal waste collection schemes.

It is also one of our biggest IT solutions for technology and the environment.

The solution is modular and contains many different system settings – allowing it to be customised to your needs.


Communication is the main element in RenoWeb, which is an effective solution for waste management in a municipality or company.

RenoWeb brings together and handles all relevant waste collection processes – such as waste disposal registration, equipment management, agreements with individual households and payment for the services provided.

RenoWeb allows you to handle citizen enquiries quickly and efficiently in connection with the collection of all types of waste schemes that exist in the municipality.


RenoWeb’s haulier system, RenoTrack, automates, optimises and manages your municipality’s waste collection and recycling.

RenoTrack gives you a constant overview of the current waste collection situation via a user-friendly control centre.

RenoTrack registers waste collection and provides data to RenoWeb, so you can track the progress of each truck.

RenoTrack provides overview in the collection scheme and uses information in RenoWeb – addresses, vehicles and collection days – to generate digital driving lists.

RenoTrack improves communication between the municipal operations manager, the route manager and the waste collection driver.

Sweco has installed 450 intelligent sensors in Rudersdal municipality’s waste bins. This makes it possible to streamline operations, as the sensors give a message when the waste bins need to be emptied.

Waste sensor

Optimise waste collection and citizen service using a level sensor from Sweco. This determines the amount of waste in a waste container by measuring the distance to the waste and then sends the data to Sweco’s specialised systems.

This allows the municipality’s operations personnel to plan collection from waste containers as needed instead of on a schedule.

This saves time, resources and driving and leads to a cleaner municipality.

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Anders Krøjmand Humle

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