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Digital construction

Digital advances have revolutionised the construction industry, and opened up endless opportunities for facilitating communication, streamlining projects and collaborating across disciplines and stages. Our digital services cover the entire life cycle of the construction process.

At Sweco, we focus on implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) in our work processes, where everything from architecture to operations and maintenance is integrated and thought out from start to finish. For our clients and business partners, this provides a complete insight into the development of the project’s design and a transparent and fully updated project economy while ensuring that end-users can see and comment on the finished product before construction work actually starts.

Through our approach to digital construction, we link concept, design, execution and use together, ensuring better quality and buildability, optimised cooperation between the different parties and greater focus on sustainability, resource savings and operation to improve the project’s overall economy.

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Digital planning

Prior to all projects, we help identify and prioritise the requirements that govern the project. We prepare a data structure and set-up to ensure coherence between different projects. We coordinate communication between project stakeholders and manage the planning process through digital models. This ensures a consistent and efficient project.

BIM design

We use BIM to improve the level of information in the initial stages and to ensure that information is not lost during the project. This improves our ability to see solutions, make the best choices, and minimise the need for adjustments once the project has come to an end. With BIM, we develop – using analyses, simulations and visualisations – the most sustainable and architecturally appealing designs with strong interdisciplinary collaboration.

Digital quality assurance

Good quality assurance not only requires the right tools – it also requires the right work processes. We offer both, and with many years of experience under our belts we ensure – in close cooperation with you – that both buildability and quality assurance are achieved.

ICT information and communication technologies

How do we ensure that digital requirements and wishes don’t become an obstacle and involve extra work for the project? Our ICT managers ensure that the content of the ICT agreement is coordinated and integrated in projects as a value-adding element. In this way, we make sure that the digital requirements and wishes are integrated into both the agreement document and in practical, detailed work processes.

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