Mechanical and electrical engineering

A good indoor climate comprises a number of parameters which in the aggregate provide a good experience. In addition, a good indoor climate is a long-term investment which increases a building’s value and provides better conditions for its users. Sweco’s installation experts can ensure that buildings are fitted with the right type of ventilation, temperature controls, fire protection and electrical installations, and that all these technical installations comply with Danish law. Sweco’s experts are certified to carry out energy labelling, and we advise on energy optimisation aimed at reducing carbon emissions.


  • Building Information Modelling
  • Building Management Systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Energy Labelling and Energy Optimisation
  • Fire engineering and risk analysis
  • HVAC and sanitation
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Telecom systems
  • Validation

Building Management Systems

The interactive coordination of a building’s installations ensures a proper indoor climate and minimises operating costs. Building management systems provide this coordination by controlling, regulating and monitoring the building, and they are a source of operational data for future trouble-shooting and optimisation processes.

An efficient building management system can be enormously valuable when it works and, conversely, cause as much damage when it doesn’t. There is a great untapped potential in Denmark's stock of buildings for optimising their building management systems, both in newly built and old buildings. In Sweco’s experience, building owners can make relatively modest investments and get high returns in the form of energy efficiency and operational savings as well as optimised operations just by getting the technical systems to work better together.

For this reason, Sweco prioritises building management systems as a strategic area of action with particular focus on building management systems in operation. All of our building automation and control system (BACS) specialists have practical experience as BACS technicians and BACS technical engineers. This means that our specialists are familiar with and have experience of all the largest and many of the smaller BACS, PLC and Building Management Systems (BMS) products available on the Danish market.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Scrutinising operational procedures
  • Trouble-shooting and optimisation (Technical Performance Reports)
  • Energy-efficiency measures
  • Planning and executing performance tests
  • Client consultancy and client and trade supervision
  • Commissioning


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