Management Services

Major development projects are expensive, and it is crucial that the customer’s vision is fully realised in the result. Sweco’s project managers have a critical role as the link between the customer’s vision and actual implementation. We are involved throughout all project phases and, with our structured working methods, we steer complex projects in the right direction – whether we are dealing with lead consultancy services or consultancy as a part of a project.


  • Client Consultancy
  • Commissioning
  • Due Diligence
  • Facilities and Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability Certification
  • Work Environment (OHS)


Commissioning creates the best conditions for avoiding unnecessary difficulties and costly surprises when commissioning a new building project. The commissioning process ensures that the building project meets all the requirements stipulated for operations and operating costs and that energy consumption conforms to the budget.

Commissioning is an efficient, well-documented quality-management process focused on taking a systematic approach to the construction process and the building’s overall economy. Using Sweco’s commissioning consultancy we deliver specialised operating skills from our staff who possess a unique combination of engineering knowledge and practical technical experience.

We make sure that the entire system – comprising ventilation, cooling, heating and automatic operating systems – works as intended and is energy efficient. We assist in scaling and adapting the process to the customer’s project.

Commissioning is an investment in a smoothly functioning building with an ideal indoor climate and sound operating economy, and – as our years of commissioning experience demonstrate – the investment is quickly repaid.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Securing an ideal indoor climate
  • Delivering predictable optimized operating budgets
  • Efficient risk minimising: fewer errors, shortcomings and rectifications, and less rebuilding
  • Maximising energy efficiency
  • Providing a strong point of departure for asset management

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