Spatial Suite

Spatial Suite is Sweco’s complete online GIS solution for the internet and intranet. Spatial Suite is the leading platform in Denmark and Sweden and it is used by a large number of municipalities, utility companies, government agencies and private companies. Spatial Suite can be used as a portal, but it is largely designed to be integrated into other solutions. Spatial Suite is the product that brings geographical data into play.


  • Spatial Suite Annual meeting
  • Spatial Suite demoversion
  • The Spatial Suite user group

The Spatial Suite user group

Spatial Suite User Group is a forum for all Spatial Suite clients.

The Spatial Suite User Group holds about two meetings a year.

The Spatial Suite User Group has the following main objectives:

  • To serve as a liaison point and venue for Spatial Suite users in Denmark
  • To provide information about Spatial Suite and serve as a forum discussing and sharing experiences about using the productto provide feedback to and stipulate requirements for Sweco for the development and maintenance of Spatial Suite
  • To ensure that the product supports the systems/meets the requirements imposed on Denmark's digitised public administration

The purpose of the User Group is to develop the conceptual framework for Spatial Suite to ensure it uses the best, most flexible technologies at all times, thus making it the best product on the market.