Spatial Suite

Spatial Suite is Sweco’s complete online GIS solution for the internet and intranet. Spatial Suite is the leading platform in Denmark and Sweden and it is used by a large number of municipalities, utility companies, government agencies and private companies. Spatial Suite can be used as a portal, but it is largely designed to be integrated into other solutions. Spatial Suite is the product that brings geographical data into play.


  • Spatial Suite Annual meeting
  • Spatial Suite demoversion
  • The Spatial Suite user group

Spatial Suite Annual meeting

Sweco's Spatial Suite annual meeting will take place on 15-16 May 2018 at Hindsgavl Slot in Middelfart on Funen.

The annual meeting is the event where system owners, administrators, users, developers and consultants meet to become even better to exploit the possibilities within the webGIS solution Spatial Suite.

We look forward to inviting you again to two days in an open, constructive environment where we share experiences, get inspired and widen our knowledge.

The price for participating in the annual meeting is DKK 4,500 for both days and DKK 2,000 for one day.

The invitation and the program for the Spatial Suite annual meeting 2018 (in Danish).

Join here – not later that the 9 March 2018 (in Danish).

We hope to see you to two interesting and educational days.