IT for urban development

Advanced digital solutions play an increasingly important role in the development of tomorrow’s cities and communities. Sweco helps many customers develop digital system in order for them to gain access to information that can create order and structure. Sweco’s digital experts also use data generated by a city to streamline planning, operations and maintenance and administration of our physical surroundings.


  • 3D
  • Building Information Modelling
  • FME - Feature Manipulation Engine
  • FM-systems and big data
  • GIS
  • IT Consultancy
  • Laboratory Systems
  • Portal solutions
  • System Development and System Integration

Portal solutions

Sweco develops and markets a number of portal solutions in the fields of buildings and the environment. The solutions are frequently used in a collaborative work involving private individuals, the municipal administration and one or more contractors. Sweco's solutions ensure that all parties have access to the information needed to carry out the tasks at hand. Sweco's solutions are used by Danish municipalities and cover a wide range of technical fields. Our biggest products are Spatial Suite, RenoWeb, DriftWeb/Give a hint, JordWeb, PARK and PlanWeb.

  • Spatial Suite: A WebGIS platform (Geographical Information Systems)
  • RenoWeb: Administration of municipal waste schemes
  • DriftWeb/Give a hint: Processing queries received from private individuals, as well as ad hoc, bespoke and operating assignments
  • RotteWeb: Rat control
  • JordWeb: Administrative procedures concerning the removal of contaminated soil
  • PARK: Planning, operation and maintenance of green areas

Sweco can assist in:

  • Developing portal solutions in relation to buildings and the environment, and adapting them to user needs
  • Ensuring that all users have access to the requisite information
  • Processing and quality-assuring information and documentation for projects and administration

  • Arne Hurup
    Head of Department, Solutions & Systems Integration
    +45 4348 6649
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