International Activities

International development work today targets cross-cutting issues and solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Our work for international, sustainable development is based on our ability to draw on multidisciplinary experts and our 40 years of experience in the sector. Sweco provides technical assistance and project management services for European and multilateral agencies focusing on Africa, Asia and Europe. At Sweco we are focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals for clean energy, climate actions and quality education.


  • Climate and Environmental Management
  • Education
  • Programme Management & Capacity Development
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Climate and Environmental Management

Our climate and environmental management services assist clients in balancing the complex interactions between climate, human society and the environment. We address these issues and interactions both for private and public client and benefit from our in-house staff as well as our global network of tried-and-tested local consultants. 

Effective risk management is necessary to achieve a climate resilient and sustainable society. We ensure that your investments and projects are implementable and can be sustained for the future. Assessing social and environmental impacts – and the added value and complexity of climate change considerations are quickly becoming one of the core criteria used by project and investors to inform their decisions, recognizing that managing social and environmental risks of investments makes sound financial sense and advance a sustainable development. 

Sweco can assist in:

  • Environmental management and planning
  • Environmental and social risk due diligence
  • Sustainable urban and rural development
  • Climate resilient societies
  • Monitoring of environmental and social risk management
  • Communication, reporting, stakeholder engagement and project grievance mechanisms

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