Sweco Pavement Consultants

Sweco Pavement Consultants provide consultancy services within the sphere of strategic maintenance of road and airport pavements. The consultancy services provided by our experts are based on knowhow gathered over more than 50 years and an ambition to constantly be one step ahead. Regardless of whether the motivation is financial or political, it pays off to have good and reliable data allowing decisions to be made on an optimum financial basis and on time. Attractive and sustainable solutions assuring quality in strategic maintenance of road and airport pavements and an optimum economy require good tools for the daily work to be done. The combination of thorough knowhow, expertise, and experience forms a solid basis of Sweco Pavement Consultants’ experts’ consultancy services to our customers about asset management systems and measuring equipment making it easier to get a good overview of and to perform maintenance on all sorts of pavements on roads – in airports, ports and industrial areas.


  • Consultancy
  • RoSy® RAMS - Road Asset Management System
  • RoSy® APMS – RoSy Airport Pavement Management System
  • RoSy Support
  • Falling Weight Deflectometers
  • PRIMAX Design Software
  • Support, calibration and maintenance

PRIMAX Design Software

PRIMAX Design software allows pavement engineers to analyse and calculate data collected by the PRIMAX FWD/HWD. Valuable information about road and airfield pavements will allow decision-makers to make the right decisions with regard to reinforcement needs and maintenance strategies ensuring safe air- and landside pavements.

Your benefits

  • Analyse deflection and load signals at any measured point on-site
  • Present results for an entire road network, per section and per measuring point
  • You save money and time with the integrated solutions

Technical key benefits

  • Back- & forward calculation
  • Calculation based on 18 sensors
  • Multiple calculation engines
  • Overlay (optimize reinforcement)
  • Determination of critical layer
  • E moduli for up to 10 layers
  • Estimation of residual life
  • Presentation of design options

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