A key element in a city’s attractiveness is the ability of its residents to travel safely and efficiently. Sweco’s infrastructure experts have what it takes to design transport systems that simplify people’s everyday lives. By designing everything from transportation hubs, roads for both cars and bicycles, railways and subways to bridges, tunnels, ports and marinas, we improve accessibility in tomorrow’s communities and cities.


  • Bicycle traffic
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Pavement Consultants
  • Ports and Marine Engineering
  • Railways
  • Roads and motorways
  • Traffic Noise and Vibrations
  • Urban Mobility

Roads and motorways

Road design that meets transport needs, enhances accessibility, is suited to the surroundings and improves traffic safety for both motorised and vulnerable (non-motorised) road users are the underlying principles whenever Sweco provides advice on road and construction projects.

Road design with full-service consulting

Sweco provides full-service consulting for road and construction projects, as well as consultancy for design-build contracts. We can assist in the planning, design engineering and implementation of all types of road and construction projects – from complex junctions and roundabouts to motorways, highways and quiet residential streets.

Whatever the size or location of a project, we provide decision-making support to our customers before commencing the actual design engineering. We use BIM processes and 3D CAD modelling to visualise solutions for road and construction projects, and continue using these throughout the process.

Mobility: A top priority

Sweco has broad-based experience in ensuring mobility between urban areas. For example, we assist in projects aimed at establishing and refurbishing motorways, both as classic consultancy or as consultants for a design-build contract. Our expertise in road and construction projects covers traffic planning, signal control systems, capacity calculations and simulations of intersections and roundabouts and their interrelationship, geometric design and dimensioning, as well as the implementation of revised traffic-safety and accessibility plans.

Sweco assists in:

  • All phases of the planning and design engineering of new facilities and for the conversion of existing roads and motorways, as well as the rebuilding or designing of intersections and roundabouts
  • Capacity calculations and traffic simulations
  • Visualisation and surfacing design
  • All types of public procedures, outsourcing and contracting relating to road and construction projects
  • Drafting EIA reports, surveying and conducting environmental and geotechnical engineering studies
  • Revising traffic-safety and accessibility plans
  • Client consultancy, project management, construction management and trade supervision
  • Consultancy for design-build contracts
  • Operation and maintenance


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