A key element in a city’s attractiveness is the ability of its residents to travel safely and efficiently. Sweco’s infrastructure experts have what it takes to design transport systems that simplify people’s everyday lives. By designing everything from transportation hubs, roads for both cars and bicycles, railways and subways to bridges, tunnels, ports and marinas, we improve accessibility in tomorrow’s communities and cities.


  • Bicycle traffic
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Pavement Consultants
  • Ports and Marine Engineering
  • Railways
  • Roads and motorways
  • Traffic Noise and Vibrations
  • Urban Mobility

Bridges and tunnels

Bridges and tunnels comprise a key element of sustainable traffic solutions in any modern society. When Sweco’s consultants design the engineering of bridges and tunnels, they make sure their solutions are both safe and aesthetically attractive. This means that we start with the customer’s needs and ensure that the design either blends in with the surroundings or is eye-catching and then adapt it to modern and/or historic surroundings.

We plan and design good connections

Sweco’s experts provide a wide range of consultancy services in the field of bridges and tunnels, including structural engineering, design and consultancy on bridge repairs, bridge refurbishment, structures and reinforcements. We also carry out inspections and assessments of damage and load-bearing capacity – frequently with the help of our bridge management system, RoSy BRIDGE.

Wide spectrum of services

Our core areas of expertise comprise everything from bridges and tunnels to roads, railways, cycle paths and pavements, but also cloudburst protection. We also cover all the associated areas, including traffic planning, soil-engineering studies, safety assessments and environmental impact assessments (EIA).

Sweco can assist in:

  • General and detailed planning of bridges and tunnels
  • Construction management and trades supervision
  • Various types of cooperation: partnering, two-stage tendering, design-build contracts
  • Inspection and assessment of damage and load-bearing capacity via
  • Sweco’s bridge management system, RoSy BRIDGE
  • Strategic planning of bridge repairs and refurbishment

  • Morten Leger
    Head of Department, Railways & Bridges
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  • Søren Grubbe
    Head of Department, Bridges & Tunnels West
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    Technical Director, Infrastructure
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