Today, legislation stipulates high requirements for companies relating to good working environments and a high level of safety. At Sweco, we are involved in risk management and, based on our long-standing experience, we have developed systems for advising companies on how to establish and improve safety management, for example in connection with accidents, fires and emissions of hazardous gases or fluids. We also help companies to optimise their processes and arrive at solutions which can cut costs and promote a sustainable society at the same time.


  • Industrial environment
  • Industrial Noise
  • Process engineering services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Validation

Risk Assessment

Requirements for industrial safety are significantly increasing. Sweco works with risk assessment in the areas of processing systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, the food industry, small-batch production companies, warehouse storage and terminal facilities.

Sweco joins the company in attending meetings with the authorities, and we are thus instrumental in achieving balanced requirements which take account of the company and the general requirements in the area.

In many instances, it is possible for the company itself to do much of the work needed to meet the requirements. We can assist as a counsellor and mentor.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Drawing up or updating a safety document (for column-2 companies) and safety reports (for column 3 companies)
  • Drawing up procedures and instructions for the company’s safety efforts Drafting a Prevention Plan
  • Carrying out risk analyses according to recognised methods (hazard and operability studies (HAZOP), What-If analyses, etc.)
  • Impact analyses, including calculating impact zones
  • Setting up safety barrier diagrams
  • Calculating local and societal risks
  • Action plan to minimise risk and the implementation of this plan
  • Staff training


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