Today, legislation stipulates high requirements for companies relating to good working environments and a high level of safety. At Sweco, we are involved in risk management and, based on our long-standing experience, we have developed systems for advising companies on how to establish and improve safety management, for example in connection with accidents, fires and emissions of hazardous gases or fluids. We also help companies to optimise their processes and arrive at solutions which can cut costs and promote a sustainable society at the same time.


  • Industrial environment
  • Industrial Noise
  • Process engineering services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Validation

Process engineering services

Many of our customers work continuously to improve their industrial processes. They set high standards for energy and resource efficiency as well as reduced environmental impact. Sweco helps them find the right technology to reduce costs and promote a more sustainable society.

Among others, our experts have gained extensive experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They also hold broad-based expertise within energy technology and energy efficiency improvements. With an overall perspective and leading-edge expertise, Sweco is able to conduct feasibility studies and manage projects that optimise industrial processes.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Design and commissioning of processing plants
  • Integration of the newest production principles
  • Piping and tank design
  • IT and automation
  • Risk assessment and execution of the ATEX directive (allowed equipment and work environment in an environment with explosive atmosphere)

  • Svend Åge
    Head of department, Facilities Management
    +45 4348 6079
    Fraq rznvy


  • Svend Åge
    Head of department, Facilities Management
    +45 4348 6079
    Fraq rznvy
  • Morten
    Head of Department
    +45 4348 4438
    Fraq rznvy

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