Today, legislation stipulates high requirements for companies relating to good working environments and a high level of safety. At Sweco, we are involved in risk management and, based on our long-standing experience, we have developed systems for advising companies on how to establish and improve safety management, for example in connection with accidents, fires and emissions of hazardous gases or fluids. We also help companies to optimise their processes and arrive at solutions which can cut costs and promote a sustainable society at the same time.


  • Industrial environment
  • Industrial Noise
  • Process engineering services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Validation

Industrial environment

All businesses need to be able to continuously comply with environmental requirements and document their environmental impact vis-à-vis both authorities and customers. On the basis of Sweco’s interdisciplinary expertise, we are ready to assist in these tasks – quickly and efficiently.

As an industrial environment consultant, Sweco provides traditional services as well as new technical disciplines. We provide courses and training programmes in this technical field to both companies and authorities. 

Sweco can assist in:

  • Drawing up environmental applications and assisting in negotiations with authorities concerning final approval
  • Drawing up assessments of options for the use of the Best Available Technique (BAT)
  • Drafting a basic condition report (BCR)
  • Preparing for and planning measurements of air pollution and smells, carrying out calculations to verify air pollution and smells (Operational Meteorological Air Quality calculations), assessing which methods are best suited for air purification and carrying out public procedures and evaluations of facilities
  • Carrying out an environmental assessment of companies at the time of purchase, sale or takeover (Environmental Due Diligence, EDD)
  • Building up and/or reviewing the company’s management system in the areas of environmental management (ISO 14001), quality management (ISO 9001) or OHS management (ISO 45001), including carrying out an internal audit
  • Assessing the risk of a hazardous explosion (ATEX directive) and drawing up a workplace assessment pursuant to the ATEX directive
  • Serving as a mandatory external safety consultant for hazardous goods (ADR)
  • Organising company-specific courses in areas such as environmental management, handling chemical waste and hazardous goods, air pollution and risk


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