Today, legislation stipulates high requirements for companies relating to good working environments and a high level of safety. At Sweco, we are involved in risk management and, based on our long-standing experience, we have developed systems for advising companies on how to establish and improve safety management, for example in connection with accidents, fires and emissions of hazardous gases or fluids. We also help companies to optimise their processes and arrive at solutions which can cut costs and promote a sustainable society at the same time.


  • Industrial environment
  • Industrial Noise
  • Process engineering services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Validation

Industrial Noise

Noise and vibrations in the manufacturing industry is a particular area of focus for authorities, businesses and neighbours. Common sense and planning are keywords in this context. Acoustica (Sweco’s acoustics department) converts requirements and figures into a targeted, dynamic action plan for your company.

We help you find the perfect solution for reducing noise, whether this involves a noise shield, quieting the noise emitted by a fan or replacing an old unit with a new quieter, low-energy solution. If multiple sources of noise need to be dealt with, the analysis method Financially optimised acoustic quieting is used because it ensures that the noise mitigation is organised to achieve the goal at the lowest possible cost.

Vibrations affect human comfort and machinery’s operating condition. Trouble-shooting and reducing vibrations require the right equipment and vast experience. Sweco has both. We examine, describe, and resolve problems involving technical vibrations and mechanical acoustics.

Consultancy concerning vibrations and mechanical acoustics also comprises vibration-insulating machinery set-ups as well as acoustic quieting to reduce occupational noise. Sweco is an authorised OHS consultant – also in the areas of noise and vibrations.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Measuring noise and vibrations, as well as noise impact assessments
  • Setting up an action plan to achieve long-term and short-term goals
  • Designing and planning measures to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Preparing technical/financial analyses as financially optimised acoustic quieting
  • Advice for the setting up of vibration-sensitive equipment in laboratories, manufacturing facilities or hospitals


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