Urban Insight

With almost 15,000 experts who plan and design the cities and communities around us, Sweco shapes a more sustainable future. Urban Insight is an initiative launched by Sweco to demonstrate our expertise as leading advisor to the urban areas of Europe, with both local knowledge and global capacity. This innitiative provides insights on sustainable urban development in Europe, as experienced from a citizen perspective.

About Urban Insight

Urban Insight is a long-term initiative with a different theme each year. In 2019, the theme is Urban Energy, i.e. sustainable development within the field of energy usage, renewable energy and energy efficiency - including future challenges and opportunities in the new energy landscape.

The foundation of Urban Insight is the insight reports written by Sweco's experts.

The insights will be shared regularly throughout the year on an Urban Insight website. For more information and to read the insight reports, visit the Urban Insight website by clicking here.

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