Today’s cities have an unavoidable impact on the environment, but adverse effects can be minimised. Sweco's environmental experts help shaping the future of sustainable communities. We cover all aspects of the natural environment - from supervision, environmental assessments and waste management to contaminated areas. Likewise, we take the protection of both people and nature into account and adapt our solutions to climate changes.


  • Building contamination
  • Ecological Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Noise
  • Nature conservation and management
  • Site investigations and remediation
  • Waste

Nature conservation and management

Sustainable long-term societal development presupposes familiarity with natural resources, knowledge of eco systems and having thoroughly considered how to conserve and manage nature areas. Sweco’s biologists create solutions which protect nature areas and uphold biological diversity.

Sweco carries out numerous field observations and environmental assessments. For major construction and infrastructure projects, we investigate the environmental impacts in Environment Impact Assessments and help to preserve natural resources. Our experienced technical specialists cover all aspects of nature, including field observations for EIAs and assessments pursuant to Danish and international environmental legislation.

In addition to this, we chart and monitor lotic fauna, electrofishing, Annex-IV species, protected animal and plant species, as well as NOVANA monitoring. We perform botanical and Section 3 observations and technically advanced observations of birds and bats.

Sweco can assist in:

  • EIA and charting of nature areas, including in respect of infrastructure and wind farm projects
  • Natura 2000 impact assessments, identifying how plans affect flora, fauna and the environment
  • Replacement habitats and fauna crossings where the impact on wildlife is limited and complies with Danish and European law
  • Nature restoration relating to biological factors and technical solution proposals
  • Consultancy concerning nature action plans to ensure favourable preservation of nature areas


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