Despite low prices on fossil energy there is still a global focus on future-proofing the energy system, increasing the use of waste heat and converting to biomass, wind and solar. Based on our customers' wants and needs Sweco's experts work on finding sustainable solutions from the earliest concepts to the final operation. We work with Asset Management using ISO55000 and we take pride in building solid plants where the result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.


  • Asset management - utilities
  • Biogas
  • District Heating and District Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy, heating and climate plans
  • Power supply
  • Solar energy
  • Thermal Energy Production
  • Noise from Energy-producing Plants
  • Wind Power

Noise from Energy-producing Plants

Noise and vibrations are important health and safety factors for energy-producing companies, such as power stations and offshore wind farms. The typical consequences of high levels of noise and vibration are impaired attention span, stress and a risk of permanent hearing loss. There is also a higher risk of accidents when acoustic warning signals are ignored, as well as a loss of production due to poor communication.

At Acoustica (Sweco’s acoustics department), we take a structured approach to dealing with noise and vibrations, as it is also more profitable for companies in the long term. 

Measuring noise and vibrations from wind turbines comprises a particular area of specialisation at Sweco. We have long-standing experience of measuring wind-turbine noise, and we advise wind-turbine manufacturers, owners and authorities both in Denmark and abroad.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Designing production facilities and identifying critical areas
  • Preparing for contract specifications
  • Measuring and assessing whole-body vibrations or hand/arm vibrations
  • Noise measurements, including impact assessments of production facilities
  • Acoustic quieting: making machinery quieter
  • Measuring and consultancy with a view to developing quieter wind turbines
  • Courses relating to wind-turbine noise


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