Despite low prices on fossil energy there is still a global focus on future-proofing the energy system, increasing the use of waste heat and converting to biomass, wind and solar. Based on our customers' wants and needs Sweco's experts work on finding sustainable solutions from the earliest concepts to the final operation. We work with Asset Management using ISO55000 and we take pride in building solid plants where the result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.


  • Asset management - utilities
  • Biogas
  • District Heating and District Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy, heating and climate plans
  • Power supply
  • Solar energy
  • Thermal Energy Production
  • Noise from Energy-producing Plants
  • Wind Power


Anaerobic digestion of manure, sewage sludge, organic waste and other organic by-products contributes to the transition towards a more circular economy: renewable energy as the foundation of our energy systems, and the recycling of nutrients helps to make farming operations sustainable. Sweco is committed to this transition and to delivering profitable overall solutions to the challenges. For this reason our biogas experts are keenly focused on development and innovation and they are intensely working to find energy-efficient, and environmentally and commercially sound solutions.

Sweco has more than 30 years’ experience of developing and implementing biogas projects.  We have the unique multidisciplinary skills which will help you meet your objectives throughout the project process – from initial project considerations, screening of sites and resource base, to design, financing, optimisation and, finally, operation of the completed plant. Efficient regulatory processing and commercial advice is integrated into the planning of all projects.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Analysing business cases for both new facilities and upgrades or enlargement of existing facilities
  • Reviewing the biomass resource as well as the marketing potential of the biogas and digestate
  • Choosing the technology best suited for your project and advising on and reviewing the design of your project by taking a risk-based and cost-based approach
  • Planning, tendering, contract negotiations, supervision of works and commissioning, as well as training of operational staff
  • Drafting proposals for the design and planning of biogas plants and/or plants for raw-materials handling to obtain the best overall economy
  • Regulatory processing: environmental approval, local development and municipal plans, EIA, safety document, CE-marking and documentation, etc.


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