Water Beetle (Dytiscus latissimus)

Monitoring the protected water beetle (Dytiscus latissimus) in four raised bogs in Rold Forest as part of the LIFE project “Raised bogs in Denmark”.


Country: Denmark

Customer: Rebild Municipality

Period: 2016–2016


Water beetles are found in only a handful of places in Denmark. The beetle is protected by Danish law and further protected by the EU, as it is a so-called Annex-IV species.

These species enjoy special protection, which includes protection of their habitats. The beetle is also specified as “vulnerable” on the International Red List. This means that it may not be caught or killed, and its habitats may not be damaged or destroyed.

In addition, special protection zones must be set up in all EU member states. Denmark has designated two EC habitat areas for it. It is in one of these – Rold Forest – that Sweco is monitoring the beetle. The monitoring is done by both trapping and actively catching them. This process is somewhat challenging as it is done from the edge of the bog – a thick blanket of floating peat moss.

The survey is part of the LIFE+ programme for Raised Bogs in Denmark – http://raisedbogsindenmark.dk. This project aims to improve the conditions for the natural habitat “raised bog” and the species that are particularly dependent on it.