Habitat and field research, Fredericia–Lindholm

Habitat and field investigations along the railway line between Fredericia and Aalborg (Lindholm) – Denmark’s biggest field investigation ever.


Country: Denmark

Customer: Rail Net Denmark

Period: 2014–2015


Sweco carried out a large-scale habitat and field investigation along the 250 km railway section between Fredericia and Aalborg (Lindholm). This is one of Denmark’s largest studies ever made in the field.

Biologists and field inventors visited and studied more than 500 waterholes, 850 nature protected areas, and 35 km of watercourses. In addition, several hundred specifically designated localities were investigated for bats, reptiles, dormice and other Annex-IV species during the period March to September 2015.

The purpose was to chart existing habitat and nature conditions with particular focus on registering the existence of amphibians, reptiles, bats and flora along the entire section of railway. 

The field data collected was analysed, evaluated and reported at a highly adequate level as the basis for an EIA, including an impact assessment of the project’s impact on the aforementioned habitats.   

The railway from Fredericia to Lindholm is planned to be electrified which requires transmission towers to be set up and overhead lines suspended between them. A number of bridges on the stretch need to be re-built, as the bridges’ clearance profile is currently insufficient for an overhead contact system. In addition, the speed on some sections of the line must be upgraded, which involves tasks such as embankment reinforcement, the straightening out of curves, rebuilding of the bridges and the laying of a new railway on short sub-sections.